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Restoring peatland
Restoring peat bogs has benefits for river water quality and for the plants and animals that thrive in a boggy environment.

Mire restoration
 By blocking drainage ditches more water is stored and released slowly back into the rivers, giving more stable river flows and cleaner water for abstraction at the water treatment works.

By reducing peak stormwater run-off, the amount of peat washed downstream is also reduced as well as alleviating flooding.

Exmoor Mires Partnership

Where we work
Upstream Thinking works on the land next to the rivers where we abstract water for treatment.

Map of catchments

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Why are we doing it?
Worldwide peatlands are huge carbon stores, but damaged areas release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere through oxidation processes.

 Blocking up drainage ditches on the moorland will help to re-wet the peat and promote the bog grasses and mosses once again. There are many benefits to this work.

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